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If you did not know, all water sports are popular in the UK. That means you can find facilities and opportunities to engage in various types of water-related sports. Whether it is sailing, waterskiing, powerboating, canoeing, windsurfing, rowing, and surfing – all of these can be done in the UK.

It helps that the country is surrounded by water. The miles and miles of coastline offers a lot of possibilities to engage in this type of sport. And even if you are inland, there are lakes and rivers that will give you a lot of opportunities to engage in water sports in UK.

Water sports in Bolton

You can specifically go to Bolton to enjoy a lot of water sports activities. This town is located in Greater Manchester – specifically in the North West of England. It is the administrative centre of the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton and is surrounded by a lot of towns and villages. The city is on a flat land – with the River Croal flowing freely to the southeast and going to the River Irwell.

It is the River Croal that will give you a lot of opportunities to engage in some water sports activities. But beyond that, there is also the Lake George that will allow you to go on boating adventures and even fishing trips. There are several companies offering boating tours and will even allow you to go swimming and tubing. In this lake, you can find specific locations that will allow you to go cliff jumping into the clear waters of Lake George.

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