It is not uncommon for someone to search for water polo clubs in UK. In fact, there are more than 15,000 people who play this sport in the UK. If you want to join that growing number you may want to search for a club that you can play in.

About water polo

Water polo is a huge thing in the UK. In fact, the Duke of Cambridge himself is a big fan of the sport and have played it himself while in the university. He also played at the national level – at least he did for Scotland.

In 1885, the very first set of rules was developed by the Swimming Association of Great Britain. This sport demands both speed and strength from each player. That means you have to be very fit to be able to play efficiently. Not only that, you are expected to play as a team.

So how does the game work? First of all, you need to score goals in the game – which is done by getting a ball between the posts of the other team. Obviously, the player that scores the most points will win. To move the ball, players usually throw it between themselves or push it in front of themselves while swimming. Since both teams would like to win, you can expect that the other team will always try to get the ball from the one in possession.

Throughout the game, players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool – this is why they need to be in top shape because they have to tread water for the entire game.

Water polo clubs in UK

Since the game requires you to be a member of a team, you have to search for water polo clubs in UK. You can search for clubs online. To help you get started, here are some of your options.

West London Penguin Swimming and Water Polo Club

The club considers themselves as the leading club in London and the South East region – at least when it comes to water polo. The club was established back in 1921 so you can say that it is also the oldest. The club play in the British Water Polo League – one of the leading leagues in the UK. They also join the London League and other international tournaments. It has to be noted that the club is not just for adults. They also have a junior division as well and they are quite successful in the leagues they have joined.

Guildford Water Polo Club

This club was setup in 1972 and started playing in the Surrey Water Polo League. They joined the London Water Polo League in 1990. This is a great club if you are 40 and above – as they have the veteran team that plays in leagues with the same age group. This club is open to both men and women who love the water polo sport and would like to compete across the UK.

Basingstoke Bluefins Waterpolo Club

Although the club is small, they pride in the way each member is very ambitious. The club was formed back in 1975 by water polo players who moved to Basingstoke. They joined forces with the swimming club in the same location and is aspiring to go up the ranks in the sport of water polo.

There are other water polo clubs in UK that you can look into if you really want to play the sport. If none of the clubs we mentioned above appeals to you, feel free to find one that is near you.