There are many indoor swimming pools in London. It is considered as a great feature for hotels and other facilities. It allows people from the city – and even visitors, to indulge in swimming exercises regardless of the time of the year.

Of course, not all indoor pools have the same features. You may want to get to know the type of facilities that is near the pool for you to know if it has what you need. There might be indoor pools that are too small for your taste or one that is poorly kept.

Why opt for indoor swimming pool in London

Before you choose among the many indoor swimming pools in London, you may be interested to know why people love it in the first place.

To start with, you can swim in an indoor pool regardless of the weather conditions. We all know how London can be subjected to the harsh climate. But thanks to an indoor pool, you can swim even if it is snowing outside or if the rain is pouring very hard. You can also easily control the temperature of the water when it is indoors.

It also means you can work out any time of the year. There are indoor pools in hotels, spas, and even homes. You are very lucky to have it at home because you get to have access to a year round of cardio exercises.

Privacy is another benefit. You do not have to worry about people looking at you while you swim because you are indoors anyway.

Since the pool is inside, it is protected from the UV rays of the sun. That means it does not require a lot of chlorine and sanitation. The pool is cleaner because it is not exposed to the elements and outdoor debris.

Indoor swimming pools in London

So how can you enjoy the benefits of indoor pools in London? Here are some of the hotels that you can visit.

Bulgari Hotel

This hotel boasts of having one of the longest indoor pools in the city of London. It has a 25-metre pool – just like those that you will see outdoors. It actually reminds you of a Roman bath house. The pool is surrounded by Italian architecture and various cabanas and lounge chairs.

Haymarket Hotel

This hotel has a spacious pool that is fitted with a bar. It offers a spectacular ambiance – thanks to the hundreds of fibre-optic lights. The indoor pool is also quite long – around 18 metres in fact. The combination makes for a relaxing evening swim while guests are sipping on their chosen cocktails.

The Langham

This hotel has a beautiful underground pool. It used to be a large bank vault. However, the hotel converted it into a 16-metre indoor pool. The overall feel and look of the pool are very relaxing and cosy. The turquoise waters will help your body feel refreshed.

Apart from hotels, there are other places where you can find indoor swimming pools in London. You have the Ironmonger Row Baths with hot rooms and even saunas to complement the ice-cold pool. You also have the Central YMCA, Serpentine Lido, and Golden Lane Leisure Centre as your other options.