There are many swimming pools in Las Vegas. If you think that only casinos and slot machines are in abundance, you are mistaken. Las Vegas, Nevada is also where you can find a lot of swimming pools. Most of the time, you will find the pools in one of the many hotels in the area. In fact, if you booked your accommodations in a hotel, you will probably find that they have a great pool that you can dip into.

Why swim in Las Vegas

But why would you waste your time swimming in Las Vegas? Wouldn’t you want to spend your time playing in the casinos or watching the musicals in the city? Why lounge in the pool when you can win big prizes in the casino?

There are two reasons why those in Las Vegas love to go to swimming pools.

First of all, they need to burn the calories that they gained. After hours of sitting in a casino, eating and drinking while you play, you need to burn the fat that accumulated in your body. You want to be in tip-top shape so you can be up and about for another round of casino playing when evening comes.

The second reason to look for swimming pools in Las Vegas is to help you beat the heat. If you have to burn calories, why do it while drenched in sweat? It is better to do your exercise while swimming laps in a pool. The city can get very hot and the cool water in the pool can be a welcome relief for anyone.

Best swimming pools in Las Vegas

Now that you know why you should look for swimming pools in this city, let us now look for your options. As mentioned, most of the swimming pools in Las Vegas are located in a hotel. With that, here are your options.


The Flamingo Las Vegas boasts of 5 swimming pools within the 15 acres of land. The pools are connected by different water slides and lagoons. It even features an 18-foot waterfall. You can reserve a cabana or daybed to receive VIP treatment while you are enjoying the pool.

Hard Rock

This is another popular hotel. There are 37 private cabanas that you can enjoy as you swim in the pool. The best part about this is that you can play blackjack and craps while swimming! There is even an underwater sound system to make the whole experience very appealing.

Caesars Palace

This hotel has several pools – one distinctly different than the other. One is called the Fortuna Pool. You can also gamble while you are in the pool – a great way to win some money while beating the heat of the sun. There is another pool called the Venue Pool where topless sunbathing is allowed. There are also other swimming pools that you can swim in for free.

The Venetian

Variety is the game when you are looking for swimming pools in this hotel. You have the standard pool that you can swim laps in. You also have the lounging pool that is quite shallow. There is also a secluded pool that you can enjoy with a loved one.

MGM Grand

The last in our list is the MGM Grand. It is not just known for the boxing matches that it hosts. The resort in this hotel is grand – and so it the pool. There are five swimming pools scattered all over the 7 acres of the resort. There is a 1,000-foot lazy river that you can explore while riding an inner tube. There are shallow pools and three whirlpools – which are quite fun.

There are other swimming pools in Las Vegas that you should also consider. Feel free to look into these hotels for your options.